It's the god damnedest thing, it really is.
No one-not one single person-has the slightest notion of how or why William T.-Terry-Hess, a man who'd spent his whole and entire adult life chasing, and catching, beautiful women, could reach into the innermost cor of his being and discover his feminine side wanted a life of her own. The word impossible was used a lot Especially by Linda, his (her) third wife.
Forty-five year old men don't just suddenly decide to become women. They just don't. It does not happen.
I've asked dozens of therapists, read countless books and, while they contradict each other on most everything else, all the expert opinions agree on this one particular point-it doesn't happen.
Which put me in a very awkward position and taught me all I'll ever need to know about expert opinions. I met Terri when
she was a forty-five year old man, and now that she's a woman who won't discuss her age I was supposed to tell her she didn't exist?
Not bloody likely!
I got shivers up and down my spine just thinking how Terri might react to that kind of news. An ax-murdering rampage was slightly out of the question, but not by much. Terri's got one truly ugly temper, and not so much as a dot of self control. When Terri loses it, concider it lost. There's enough sound and fury exploding out of her for NATO bases all over the globe go on red-alert. And the language!
Curdle the cold-sores right off a dead sailor
Terri doesn't care what she says, or who hears it untill it's to late to take it back. Which is why I thought someone else should tell what all the experts were saying. If I wanted a life filled with unneccessary risks I'd take up pole-cat kicking or chainsaw juggling...