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This picture is worth a thousand words:

"Olivia is for the Nineties what Alberto Vargas was to the Forties and Sixties. Whereas Vargas' women are soft edged and credible, Olivia's women step beyond the real and intimate into a world of the erotic imagination. They are paying tribute to erotica from the 1880s, creating art-deco heroines, outrageous punk street creatures, or tattooed ladies.

Olivia is a personal favorite of mine, as well as a friend. Her work hangs in the Great Hall of the Playboy Mansion."


"Olivia's contribution to the world of pin-up and erotica are too vast to mention in a brief synopsis. Olivia's unique approach to painting and her brilliant use of the female body has earned her the highest praise and admiration among her colleagues and collectors throughout the world.

Olivia is without question the quintessential pin-up artist of our time."

"Robert Steven Bane"

"Olivia has memorialized the female body in many unique ways... here, in the "Chairperson"; she has stretched traditional boundaries to include the (man to woman) transsexual for the first time in history.

This is truly a remarkable achievement."

"Terri Nicole Hess"

It's not often that art imitates life, but when it does... it can be spectacular.

In 1997 an adult entertainment company, DechTar Direct Inc. d.b.a. The Intimate Treasures Program, succeeded in getting approval for its 24 million dollar SB-2 public offering from the Security and Exchange Commission.

This would be the first time an X-rated company had ever launched a full blown public offering from scratch.

The CEO and Chairperson was Terri Nicole Hess. The reason the title "Chairperson" was used as opposed to "Chairman" was because Ms. Hess was a transsexual woman.

Her rise in the adult entertainment industry had been meteoric. Having garnered over 350 X-rated clients into her adult catalog request program, Terri Nicole had netted an astonishing one million porno aficionados into her national X-rated mailing list.

Terri decided to imitate Playboy Magazine's public offering with a nude model on the actual stock certificate in the 50's, by offering a commemorative stock certificate "suitable for framing" to its 1990's stock offering investors. Playboys original stock certificate had become collectors items, so why not DechTar?

Terri approached Olivia DeBerardinis with the concept: A stock certificate with a commissioned portrait of Terri Nicole Hess, Transsexual Chairperson & CEO smack dab in the middle of it. A collectors item to be sure! Terri would become America's first Transsexual CEO and Chairperson on Wall Street.

Olivia loved the idea. She stopped everything she was doing and commenced work. This would be the first and only portrait Olivia would ever do of a transsexual woman…ever.

Olivia rarely does commissioned art pieces but this concept was just too hard for her to resist doing. After Olivia's husband Joel Beren had completed a photo shoot of Terri Nicole, the work commenced. The result was a Spectacular image done in gouache on illustration board.

Terri Nicole appears in an "Olivia styled grey pin striped suit" complete with Terri's trademark 4-carat diamond ring. Oh, so, so Wall Street.

Oddly enough a "modesty banner was used to cover Terri's nipples on the DechTar Stock Certificate and the back cover of "A Long Time Coming", her authorized biography. Hence they differ from the original Art piece.

Inside dimensions of this painting are 35" X 44" Gouache on Illustration Board.

Outside dimensions including frame are 43" X 52". The frame is a 4" boarder of beautiful blue silk.

This incredible image has never been published.

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Included with the artwork, bonus (and important) memorabilia items listed below:

  1. An autographed copy of the once only published biography of Terri Nicole Hess entitled "A Long Time Coming, the search for Terri Nicole Hess", suitable for framing.
  2. An actual signed sample of the famous DechTar Direct Stock Certificate, suitable for framing.
  3. A thank you card signed by the photographer of the art piece, Olivia's husband Joel Beren, suitable for framing.
  4. A signed but uncompleted manuscript of the soon to be released book, "The DechTar Story, The rise and fall of a Transsexual CEO in the Adult Entertainment Industry". A tale suitable for leather binding.

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