Hello, and welcome.

My name is Terri Nicole. I have lived an interesting and exciting life as a businessman and the Chairman and CEO of the largest Advertising agency serving the adult entertainment industry. In 1993 to the shock of my family friends and business associates I decided that I wanted to live out the rest of my life as a woman. Believe me they didn't take it well. Despite the opposition I forged ahead with my desire to live as a woman and eventually become one. Over the last few years I have had my body hair removed, added a beautiful pair of breasts and had sexual reassignment surgery. Unfortunately, I've also experienced a horrifying assault at the hands of six hotel security guards and have faced verbal assassination by Howard Stern et al. I have built this website to let everyone know about what I have been through. Please read my Civil Rights Case and additional information. And to find out more about me and my life read my book "A Long Time Coming - The Search for Terri Nicole" you won't be disappointed, it's been quite a ride.

Please keep in touch, I'll be updating my site soon with new revealing photographs and hot video clips. I'd love to hear your comments and ponder your questions (especially if you think you are crazier than me)